Hair Loss as Symptom of Medical Disorder

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Excessive hair loss should never be dismissed as a cosmetic problem, as it can be an early warning sign of impending illness. Any change in hair can be the body’s way of telling you to pay attention to your health.

The condition of one’s hair is an indication of their entire physical and emotional well-being. When a person is physically or emotionally ill their hair may become dull and lifeless, and may begin to fall out. Traditional Chinese medicine and other healing systems view the outward appearance of one’s hair as an indication of the internal system.

Hair loss is a symptom of many medical conditions. Taking hair loss seriously in the beginning stages can help prevent a slight imbalance from becoming a more serious medical condition. In many cases hair loss is temporary and can be easily corrected once the cause is identified and addressed.

An example of hair loss as an early symptom of impending illness was documented in the Journal of Royal Society of Medicine (JRSM, December 1989.) A 40 year old female experienced chronic diffuse hair loss with no other symptoms. Six months later she experienced an attack of ulcerative colitis. She was treated and remained well for eighteen months. During this time her hair loss ceased. Her second attack of ulcerative colitis was also preceded by diffuse hair loss before any other symptoms were present. Because of this pattern, another episode of hair loss could be a warning of the possibility of an upcoming ulcerative colitis attack, and preventative measures can be taken.

Other gastrointestinal disorders such as Chron’s disease and Celiac disease often include hair loss as a symptom. These types of disorders hinder the body’s ability of absorb nutrients. Malnourishment often shows up in the hair before other symptoms are present.

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